The Sacrifice Trust
A dedicated Ministry for Building Worship Community

Sacrifice Choir

`Sacrifice Choir’ is the heart beat of this ministry. This ministry has been established through  its choir member. Last 14 years `Sacrifice Choir’ has been serving this nation through their talent of singing and music. In this new generation, Churches are blessed by Sacrifice’s worship song. Many worship leaders are raised in this nation through this choir. Every year we are serving different churches and organization through our worship for glorifying God.

Last year we were invited by some organization and we led worship there. Here are some of our picture were we lifted our God on High!

ywca-13 CCTB1
Team at YWCA                                                Team at CCTB

EHC1 FCCB-graduation

     Team at Int’l Need’s Celebration       Team at Hosanna Bible School Graduation