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Training on Theatre for Transforming Community

IJB3The purpose of this training is to provide intensive theater & Creative Arts training to the participants for being a transforming agent in their own community & equip them to develop their own stories to show humility and interest and gaining understanding of local issues on the basis of biblical worldview.


Specific objectives:

While attending each session, the participants will be able to:

  • Learn basic ideas about Theatre & Creative Arts.
  • Understand the importance of providing a way for the audience to participate in the issues raised.
  • Break through language and cultural barriers and is an extremely useful communication tool.
  • Raise their potentiality by using their inner strength.
  • Make a much greater impact than other forms of advocacy.
  • Speak out as a transformational agent against any moral decadence and values.
  • Perform in a wide range.
  • Challenge audience to face up to aspects of our lives that we try to ignore.
  • Communicate with the biblical values which are needed for broken world.

Last Several years we have been trained participants from different organizations. Specially we did it IJB Creative Media and Salvation Army. Mr Debashish Ghosh from Sopnorong was our main facilitator, who completed his M.phil degree in Drama and Dramatics from Bisyavarati University India.

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Now we have 5 days intensive course which can help to develop a drama team to perform in their own area and in the wider range. This training course’s contents are :

  • Story Making
  • Stage partition
  • Expression & Performence
  • Script Writing and so on…