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National Praise & Worship Conference 2016

n2In the light of Mathew 18:20 the 4th National Praise and worship conference was held on the slogan of Fellowship, Growth, and Missions. In order to make the preparation and impact we have to say ‘all glory belongs to God and He deserves it.’ This was just a spark of worship uprising in an imperative way to build a worship community. You are one of the partner of us in that journey. Trust this brief presentation will blessed you indeed. Let’s read it, lookout it and give thanks to the Lord.

Colorful inauguration - March 16

The conference was started to make recite from Psalms 150. Then offered colorful moment. The children of new generation welcomed everyone by worship dance `Blessed be the name of the Lord’. It was a native cultural presentation, introduction of participants, lectures and opening of ‘Protidhoni Magazine’. The event was a fullness of praising and declaration of opening! The honorable professor of Music and Arts in Missouri Baptist Seminary,USA, Dr. Jonathon Blackmon was our keynote speaker.

n1God’s plan for fellowship – March 17
The morning praising devotion was colored –yellow. Rev. Leor Protim Sarkar was led the devotion. Dr. Jonathon Blackmon was given Biblical teaching on main theme. Desired prayer occurred excellent fellowship. The arena was full of fellowship and song. Youth with a Mission team (YWAM) made their fellowship and prayer who came from oversees. Their presentation was fantastic! The ‘Best Practices ‘of Sacrifice was presented by Juli Sinha , Nandita Sarkar , and Tipa Baidya. Mr Sukhen Biswas delivered the words of God. He preached the strong words on ‘ Re-union with God and man’. Participants were offered themselves with humbleness and teared. We saw the spiritual impact before God. His name is glorified!

Agape Choir – Kolkata
It was a different touched towards to participate and performed by Kolkata Agape Choir. Pastor Bobby Das was a key person of this team. Choir led by Brother Tonmoy Mitra. We felt the present of Holy Spirit and ordination throughout leading of eight friends. Thank you Agape!

God’s planed for growth – March 18th
The morning was started magnificently with ‘Kid’s Praise & Worship’ God was uniquely presented in this worship. Pastor Bobby Das from Kalkatta, delivered the words of God. The color of the day was green. So the expression of soul was significant. The morning sessions were as usual but second parts of the day touched the heart of the participants. This is the first time ‘Superbook animated cartoon’ Muslim-Bengali version was brought up by CBN. The Regional Manager of CBN India Ms. Priti and Mr. Robert were presented this program. Children were delighted to watch the role of ‘Gizmo’.
Along with prayer, praise, and worship evening melodrama was performed differently in inherent culture. About 35 participants made the melodrama attractively. Candle Night – Dinner was a special arrangement and it was look like a dream land in an open place and nice weather.

NPWC-webGod’s Plan for Mission – March 19
Third day was for missions. Day has been started through the praise & worship led by Kallal Chowdhury. We had a plan to demonstrate the worship in a natural place but because of bad weather it was altered. The conference was turn up into a different beauty with wearing of indigenous costumes. It was a fullness of verse from Revolution 7:9 . Participants were enthusiasts’ by the continuation of prayer for indigenous people and have had felt to move beyond region. Like other days the Agape brought up us in a praising atmosphere and we were praised before God throughout the strong words from Mr Sukhen Biswas.
One of our participant from north Bengal expressed ” This conference opened my eyes about worship and mission. God has given me different cultural talents. I will go back to my church and I will use my telents for His kingdom. Worship is not only raising my hands and singing some songs, its all about my lifestyle.”,
The last moment of the conference was to meet with ‘Lord’s Feast’. it was reflected according to the verse ” Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”. Pastor Boby Das , Rev. Susanto Bairagee, Rev. Edwin Rana Bairagee, led this holy sacrament. At the end of conference all made brotherhood blessings each other’s. We give thanks many of have made their commitment to make the implementation while they will back to their church.