The Sacrifice Trust
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Foundational Course

This course is specially developed with deep level of understanding about praise & worship. Course length has a new trend of time which we called 12/2 method. 12 means 12 week and 2 means 2 hours. In every week, we do 2 hours training for participants.  In this training we also lead at least 20 sessions for participants. We facilitate foundational teaching about praise & worship. These 20 sessions  will be followed from our worship manual. After completion of this 12/2 foundational course, we give a certificate for our participants.

Last 9 years we have been doing this training successfully in Dhaka City. Already 9 batches has received this training from Dhaka. By this training program we are serving city churches members those who are using their ability and talents in their own churches.

This year we already have been done 3 foundational course on `Praise & Worship’.

1) Dhaka Foundational Course : Dhaka Foundational Course will be started from 16 November 2017 in this year. Here we are attaching form. Please download this form and send it to Foundational course 17 Reg

2) Kolkatta Foundational Course : It was a great opportunity to serve other nation through our worship materials. Last May we had that opportunity to serve 66 participants at Kolkatta India. It was so powerful and God used us by His Spirit tremendously.

3) Zion Free Baptist Church : Last July we had a wonderful opportunity to serve one city church through our training program. Zion Free Baptist Church invited us to training their young peoples for worship. Thanks God for this opportunity.