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Discipleship Course

Discipleship Course is the most effective course of our SOW. This course is developed for long term discipleship for being a follower and worshiper of Jesus Christ. This course content 48 sessions in 12 days and 3 days for outreach. We nurture the whole process for discipleship within 15 days.
Discipleship Course specially an intensive course. Last several years some organization use this course for establishing their choir in their local churches. Following Organizations has been used this course component for their own  churches and projects :

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Discipleship training is so effective because through this training we get more time for nurturing our participants. We have 15 volunteer facilitators and mentors those who are involved with this journey.

Testimony from a participant of SOW :

closing2” When I joined `School of Worship’ by Sacrifice, I heard the word of God and felt that God wants me to do something and that’s why I got this chance. On the 11th May, 2012 at evening worship time I received Lord Jesus as my savior. From that day on I am feeling that I am the happiest person. The dawn of a new life came upon me when I received God. Now I think I have risen from death. Who have given me life? He is the living God whose grace is eternal. Now I feel Lord has saved me from darkness. Now I have such a one with me who is my father God. I have been blessed and filled up with His light. I have been washed and made holy by his holy blood. I have got back my new life. Praise the Lord!”

Testimony from a participant of SOW :

” Through our church I came to the Praise and Worship Training where I received Jesus as my savior. I was born again. It was a wonderful experience of the presence of our living God. I was thrilled by the praise and worship and powerful prayer. I realized that He is our living God and He is with us. After coming to this training I have changed enormously on which I can give witness. I learnt that praise and worship is our lifestyle. After watching I have to be perceived as I am the possession of Christ. “