The Sacrifice Trust
A dedicated Ministry for Building Worship Community

School of Worship

SOW Logo smallThe School of Worship exists to train and equip worship ministers, musicians, individual in the Church & Choir and musicians. The teaching is both bible-based and practical, and also with an emphasis on bringing a clearer biblical pattern to the worship.

Through the School of Worship anyone will be trained and seeded into the body of Christ to see the restoration of Worship in the House of God. Our goal is for each student to have a growing revelation of the brilliance and beauty of the Lord. God wants to show us His glory and majesty in increasing measure, and we want to reflect this both in our lives and in our worship & music. Our desire is that students will finish the program with not only increased skill and understanding of music, praise & worship, but more importantly with a greater hunger and a more passionate desire to know Jesus Christ, and to make Him known. Our focus is to build God’s kingdom through true worshiper and help the churches to create living worship atmosphere.

SOW training has been developed for all ages and it is culturally relevant. SOW has 48 sessions for full courses. But we divided SOW training into 3 parts.

  1. Basic Course on Praise & Worship ( 5 Days)
  2. Foundational Course on Praise & Worship (12/2)
  3. Discipleship Course on Praise & Worship (15 days)

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