The Sacrifice Trust
A dedicated Ministry for Building Worship Community


Song-bookThe Sacrifice Trust has its own publications. We already published 2 books for enriching our churches and individual. Since 2005 first we have been published a worship song book `Proshongsha Dao Provukey’ (Give glory to the Lord). This song book is made with chords as choirs and peoples can use it for the glory of the Lord. This year we re-edited this book with wonderful 202 songs. For purchasing this book please contact with us

¬†Our another publication is a small booklet about `Praise & Worship’. We have been published this booklet since 2008. This book content a basic teaching about praise & worship. For purchasing this book please contact with us :

Recently we have been published a testimonial booklet `Share Jesus Share Life’. Where children has given their testimony how they have received Jesus Christ through our Worship trainings. This booklet is free and very soon we upload its PDF version in this page.