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Weekly Choir Fellowship

Weekly Choir Fellowship

Mar 10, 2014

We have weekly Choir fellowship in every Monday at 7 pm. This fellowship is only for Choir Members. Specially this day we meet together and do practice our songs. Every Choir member is valuable to us. Very recent we reform our choir team for the better service. We identify our members and helping them to grow up for His kingdom. As a choir member S/he will maintain this framework for Choir team.

S/he should have :

- At least 2 years commitment for worship team

- to fill up membership form assign by his/her own pastor

- to pay membership fee (at least 50%) when he will become a member

- A designated membership Card.

- to complete our Long/Short term Worship training.

If someone wants to come to our choir as a team member s/he will follow this instruction. S/he needs to give time as a volunteer in our ministry at least 6 months as per our need.  Our Choir Coordination Team will decide and choose team member from volunteer.

Volunteer :

Anyone can serve as a volunteer in Sacrifice Ministry. We believe that we are making space for serving in Ministry. There are some options where our volunteer can help and serve. Only you need to fill up a volunteer form and send it to us. We will contact you and give you opportunity where you want to serve. You can serve in this areas :

- School of Worship (As a volunteer or Facilitator)

- Love for the Underprivileged (Gift or Relief Distributions)

- Office Works

- Nations Impact program (Touching 64, NPWC, Source of Life service etc.)

- Protiddhoni Creative arts and Drama team ( Theater training and Live Drama Show.)

 Here is our volunteer form.(Volunteer form box type) Please download it and fill this form and send to us in this email address :