The Sacrifice Trust
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Audio Productions :

Last Several years we have been produced 4 different Bengali WORSHIP CDs for the worshipers. This CDs have a great impact among the congregation of Bangladeshi Churches and as well as in abroad. Our own products are following :


1st Album:

Bahaman Sroth Released:
Since 2000


2nd Album:

Bandh Bhanga Sroth
Released :
Since 2002


3rd Album

Dhonno Hok Sey Naam
Released :

Since 2005


4th Album

Gaurab Proshongsha
Released :
Since 2008

We have 4 albums for greater community this CDs are produced with the cooperation with IJB Creative Media.

Cover-for-IJB-Disk1st Album:

Sringkhol Bandhon Churnitey

Since 2010

CD JOYO2nd Album:


Released :
Since 2011

asim-prem3rd Album

Ashim Prem

Released :
Since 2012

tumi-s4th Album

Tumi Srijonoker

Released :
Since 2013

 By this side, Protiddhoni Media and Music helped to produce some CDs for different organization. Here is a brief list of that Organization and CDs.

  1. Jisu Amar Songey with Generation BangladeshNew Logo Protiddhoni
  2. Stuti with AG children Department
  3. Joy tabo Joy with Bangladesh Bible Society
  4. Takao Crusho pane with Bangladesh Bible Society
  5. Morutey Srotodhara with Bangladesh Bible Society
  6. Uchase Ullashe with Bangladesh Bible Society
  7. Tomar Joy Hok with CDC

Recently we did some VIDEO productions through Protiddhoni Media- Sacrifice.Noor ali

  • A Telefilm (DVD) : Nur Alir Muktijuddho 
  • A Documentory : Spark Became flame (for BSFB)


Protiddhoni Media- Sacrifice now have a small studio setup for Audio and Visual productions. We are willing to serve through this studio now and would like to produce more resources for the Kingdom of God.

If you want to buy our productions please see this attachment file for price : Price list
and contact in this email address :

We have a wonderful Sermon CD of Dr. Rev. Simon H Sircar. Dr. Sircar was our Chief Adviser of this ministry.  He has been given us 2 audio cds where 9 sermons are recorded. He has promoted to glory but we found his wonderful voice in it. Recently we have edited this sermons and released for extending His word for His kingdom.

Dr Sar cd


Tomar Rajjo Aishuk

Tomar Rajjo Aishuk is our new released album. Last year we have been produced this album with 12 new songs. There are some famous and wonderful songs in this CD and already have a spiritual impact. This CD is composed by Sacrifice Choir. It is finally mixed in Promix Digital Studio. If you want to buy this CD, Please contact in this email address :