The Sacrifice Trust
A dedicated Ministry for Building Worship Community


In 1999, the month of September, couple of young believers’ were associate  together not to spent wastage times but  something to do. Hence, one day has been chosen from a week, and that is on Monday. All the young believers of the team are involved in a cultural  arena. All have some quality and skilled. Some can sing, can write poem, can play music, etc. The plan has been taken that we will utilize our intellectual power and will make a cultural movement in Christian society and as well greater Bangladesh. The steps have been undertaken for three months. We have prayed that the visions of God’s will inflame through this team. The result of the prayer of all, The “Sacrifice” has formed (A Dedicated  Ministry for God’s Glory). The spiritual key advice of this groups from Psalms 107:22 “ Let them sacrifice thanks offerings and tell of his works with songs of joy”.

The Sacrifice is a vision which has been growing and used towards the Ministry of Lord. Miraculously we have been passing through our time by the grace of God. It would not be possible to explain within this limitation.That’s why Sacrifice is established with a new vision and new dimension in enter Bangladesh Christian Ministries.