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Building Worship Community

Building Worship Community

Sep 6, 2015

Building Worship Community is our Motto


We are one…

The Biblical concept of oneness – of being one in Spirit- the unity of heart, purpose and mind, is more powerful and significant than what most believers believe. So by the grace of God we have been started our Monthly worship Service SOURCE OF LIFE and it was held on Mirpur AG Church last 29th August 2014. Praise God!! Worshipers from the different churches come and unite together for the beauty of God’s kingdom.

 Our ‘Sacrifice Worship team’ has started this service for five purposes:

-        People need the Lord

-        Building worhsip community

-        Return to the throne of Mercy

-        Deliverence and Repentence.

-        Leading victorious life.

A group of volunteer and counselors are ministering people. We appreciate their willingness to serve here!! More and less 100 worshipers come to our service and some of them are from different religion! We believe that anyone come to the Lord and God’s house will be the house of all nations. Amen.

Source of Life will be evangelistic and also the place of preparing people’s heart for the service of the Lord! It will be continued on each month’s last Monday at 6:30 pm. Come and join with us just for worship!!

One moment please!! You have a great opportunity to contribute for this service!! For detail please contact :